My Israel Meme

During this activity, staff or older campers will delve into their own relationship with Israel, creating memes on "How I see Israel" in relation to their parents, friends, classmates, teachers, and the media.

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"My Israel," my relationship to and view of Israel, may be very different than other people's perspectives
For staff, it is important to understand one's own relationship to Israel before teaching others about Israel
Sharing stories and experiences related to Israel helps others understand "My Israel"
People's views of Israel change over time and are influenced by their knowledge, their experience with Israelis, whether they have traveled there, and what they believe


  1. We are now going to create memes that reflect our personal vision of Israel and other people's ideas of Israel.
  2. Each participant should receive one large piece of paper with six spots for photographs. If computers are available, they can do this exercise with a google image search. Otherwise, print out the photographs provided. For a low tech version, participants can write or draw their visions.
  3. Participants are encouraged to choose their own labels for each box. They can even choose specific people in their lives if they have distinct views of Israel (i.e. a certain member of their family or friend, a group of students at school, etc.). Below are examples:
  • What my parents think it's like.
  • What my friends think it's like.
  • What the media thinks it's like.
  • What my grandparents think it's like.
  • What my rabbi thinks it's like.
  • What my teacher thinks it's like.
  1. Included in each meme should be "What I think it's like" and "What it's really like."
  2. Allow them to choose the photographs that work with each heading.


  1. This activity is great for staff week as a way of reminding the staff that when we say Israel, we "see" many different things and receive many different contradictory messages. As educators, our job is to know and be able to tell our own story, in contrast to other people's stories.
  2. Campers can create memes after participating in other activities that focus on specific Israeli cities or figures. 

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