Themes & Values


The following themes frame the learning that will take place at participating camps. 

  • Israel & Me: Exploring how Israel is - or can be - part of our story. How is it a part of our camp’s story?
  • A Land and Its People: Journey through the landscape of Modern Israel with a lens toward the past. How are we rooted in the places of Israel? What makes those connections? 
  • The Pioneering Spirit: Much like our camps, Israel is a place that was built by the hands and through the hard work of people – people that shaped the vision and the reality of the modern state. How do we pioneer our visions?
  • A People’s Hope: Inherent in the the movement for a Jewish State was the “hope” for a better Jewish life, and a better world. How are we making a better world?
  • Creation & Rebirth: Much of what modern Israel has achieved is a recreation or rebirth of the past. What are the ways that we can express our history?
  • Dreams & Realities: Israel - like all communities - is a work in progress, with challenges and learnings along the way. How do we want our communities to look? What are our challenges?


The following values will be ascribed to both the method of content delivery and the training by which the curriculum is taught to participating camp staff.

  • Authenticity -- Voices from Israel and Voices on Israel: Preparing Israeli and American staff to share their own ideas about Israel and their own relationships with Israel in the camp community.
  • Leveraging Israel Experience: Empowering staff and campers to share their own Israel experiences, and encouraging campers to anticipate their personal encounters with the people and the land.
  • Partnerships in Teaching/Learning: Israeli and American staff will work together to create seamless experiences and immersions for campers and the camp community.
  • Learner-Centered Teaching and Learning: The program is tailored to meet each camper, and each community, on their own turf in ways that will be comfortable and meaningful for them.
  • Embracing Camp's Story: By viewing Israel as a large Jewish community, much like camp, we will help campers delve into the history and reality of the place.
  • Joy: All successful camp experiences embrace the value of fun. Campers will learn about Israel in joyful, fun-filled ways!