If Today Is Monday, We Must Be In...

"If Today is Monday, We Must Be in..." allows campers to learn about specific places in Israel by "visiting" a different place one day each week.

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Israel is a small but very diverse country, as seen by the differences between each of the cities and locations campers will "visit"
Note: Depending on the location of the week, the core learnings may differ and address one or more of the essential questions below


  1. "If Today is Monday, We Must Be In..." is not a stand alone program, rather it is a way to turn one day a week into Israeli geography day.
  2. Geographic highlights of Israel may include:
  • Cities:
  1. Jerusalem
  2. Tel Aviv
  3. Haifa
  4. Eliat
  5. Be'er Sheva
  6. Sderot
  7. Degania
  • Sites:
  1. The Negev
  2. The Dead Sea
  3. The Golan Heights
  1. Choose one day a week that will be the Israeli Geography Day. On that day, include the following elements:
  • A one page sheet that includes a picture of the city and fun facts can be posted around camp, in the bunks, etc.
  • Two to three counselors will respresent the Israeli place. They will have costumes that identify them as the place (i.e. a special hat or sign). The counselors will have a few stories they can tell and a bunch of quiz questions. Campers can approach these counselors during the day to ask them about their city or ask them for quiz questions. If the campers successfully answer the quiz questions, they get special "shekel" tokens.
  • Schlichim or counselors who have visited the locations can add their own personalized fun facts -- either during announcements, at meals, or at other moments.
  • At the end of the day, the camper who has the most shekel tokens wins a prize!

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Since all of our camps have

Since all of our camps have Israeli shlichim, I think a way to make this program really special is to have the shlichim present about the places they are from.  This will make the campers more interested to learn about the places their counselors are from, rather than some distant Middle Eastern place.  Again, I think this would be a great pre-cursor to the creating a homeland activity, so the campers have an opportunity to learn facts about Israel and later put them into practice through a competitive program.

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Ask me about my homeland?

I like the idea here and want to follow Sarah's idea. I can envision it as a competitive way for bunks to earn recognition or prizes from the staff and as a way to link place to activity. For ex., at camp we eat in the dining hall with friends, but in Jerusalem we might go to eat on Emek Refaim with our friends... You might also give each bunk a map of Israel that they would need to fill in with certain facts or answers to a "challenge" of the day, so that campers can "own" their journey through Israel.