Guess Who Is Coming to Camp?

"Guess Who is Coming to Camp" allows campers to learn about specific Israeli figures by having them "visit" camp one day each week. Counselors can choose between political and historical leaders, artists, sports stars, and other important figures.

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Many people throughout Israel's history contributed to making it a home for the Jewish people today
Each of these Israeli figures played a very different role in Israel's history that continues to impact the country today


  1. Guess Who is Coming to Camp is not a stand alone program, rather it is a way to turn one day a week into Israeli personality day at camp. Israeli visitors can include:
  • Historical figures:
  1. Theodor Herzl
  2. Ze'ev Jabotinsky
  3. Josef Trumpledor
  • Political/Military figures:
  1. David Ben Gurion
  2. Moshe Dayan
  3. Golda Meir
  4. Yoni Netanyahu
  5. Yitzhak Rabin
  6. Gilad Shalit
  • Artists:
  1. Naomi Shemer
  • Sports Stars:
  1. Omri Casspi
  2. Tal Brody


  1. You should choose one day a week that will always be the visiting Israeli Day. On that day, include the following elements into the day:
  • A one page sheet that includes a picture of the person and fun facts can be posted around camp, in the bunks, etc.
  • Several counselors around camp will play the role of the famous Israeli.
  • Counselors should get really into the character and wear costumes (i.e. an eye-patch for Moshe Dayan or a large beard for Herzl).
  • Counselors will have a few stories they can tell and a bunch of quiz questions. Campers can approach these counselors during the day to ask them about their life or ask them for quiz questions. If the campers successfully answer the quiz questions, they get special "shekel" tokens.
  • At the end of the day, the camper who has the most shekel tokens wins a prize!

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