The Pioneering Spirit

Inherent in the the movement for a Jewish State was the “hope” for a better Jewish life, and a better world. How are are we making a better world?

The Piven Workshop: What Makes a Great Leader?

Using the art and methods of Israeli popular artist Hanoch Piven, these activities encourage campers to explore Israel's history, their own surroundings and identity, and individuals' connections to Israel. This activity consists of several modules which can be used on a mix-and-match basis. Elements can be used as quick conversation-starters or in-between activities; alternately, several components can fill an hour, half a day, or a week of activity blocks.

Take Israel to the Moon

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Israel going to the moon? Between Israel's desire to land the smallest rocket on the moon and the story of famous Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, campers have the opportunity to explore the elements that make up their Jewish identity in the context of exploration and pioneering. This is a great program whether you have a rocketry program or not.


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