What Does Better Look Like?

Based off of the hit TV show 'Shark Tank,' this program gives campers the opportunity to champion an Israeli social cause. Campers will work together to choose a cause that they feel passionately about and compete through presentations for a 'grand prize.'

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Jewish Heart for Africa, Kishorit, The Good Energy Initiative, and Leket Israel are four examples of social justice organizations that were created in Israel.
Social entrepreneurs recognize social problems and attempt to create social change through entrepreneurial principles, such as team-building and innovation.


Shark Tank Activity Introduction:

  1. Split campers into groups. 
  2. Introduce the Shark Tank TV Show. Ask if anyone has seen the show. Describe the show:
  • Shark Tank is a hit ABC TV show that features a panel of five wealthy investors called "sharks" who consider offers from entrepreneurs seeking investors for their business. The entrepreneurs make pitches to the investors for their business or product to try to convince the wealthy investor to give them the funding they need to start their business idea. 
  1. Explain to campers that you are going to play Shark Tank. The campers are going to be the entrepreneurs championing a cause and the rest of the campers will be the wealthy investors. 
  2. Each group of teens will choose an Israeli cause (see the list below) to create a pitch for. It's best to print a sheet with a description of each of these organizations and a few pictures so that campers have it front of them and can see a visual image of each cause. 
  • Jewish Heart for Africa - A non-profit organization that brings sustainable Israeli technologies to African villages. JHA's mission is to save African lives with Israeli innovation. Founded in 2008, JHA has provided light, clean water, food, and proper medical care to more than 150,000 people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda. 
  • Leket Israel - One quarter of the population in Israel is food insecure. Leket is the country's largest national food bank and leading food rescue network. Leket rescues over 700,000 meals and 21 million lbs of produce and perishable goods. Food, that would have otherwise gone to waste, is redistributed to nearly 300 nonprofit partners caring for the needy. 
  • The Good Energy Initiative - This non-profit provides carbon offset in Israel. For every car that drives, every plane that flies, and every appliance that gets plugged into the wall, a price is paid by the environment. Through donations, GEI lets people neutralize their carbon footprint by funneling cash investments into local grassroots educational and social projects. 
  • Kishorit - An innovative new model for treating the mentally disabled in Israel. This village in northern Israel has become a utopia for about 150 people with varying degrees of mental handicap, who have all found home for life. 

Creating the Shark Tank Campaign:

  1. Each group of teens creates a campaign on why the cause they chose is so important and why they need the $10,000 grand prize. Presentations consist of a visual sign and a 1-2 minute pitch or skit. 
  2. Key areas to consider:
  • Why is your cause innovative?
  • How is it creating widespread change?
  • Why is it urgent to support this cause?

Shark Tank Presentations:

  1. Each pair of teens presents their campaign to their group. Teens vote on the campaign they like best (they can't vote for their own).
  2. Votes are counted and the winning pair is announced. The winners could receive a small prize such as a NU Campaign T-shirt. 


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