Old vs. New, Which City is for You?

Based on the hit TV show 'Shark Tank,' this program allows campers to compete in front of a panel of judges for which city/place in Israel is deserving of the title: Coolest Place in Israel. Note that this is the same program format as "Follow the Leader" and "What Would Better Look Like."

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Campers will learn about important Israeli cities (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat, Tsfat), regions (the Negev, the Golan Heights) and landmarks (The Dead Sea)
Israel is a small but very diverse country, as seen by the differences between each of the cities and locations campers will represent


Stage 1: Setting the Stage

  • Going around the circle, ask the campers to share where they are from and to name one thing that makes their city, town, or suburb unique.
  • Explain that in Israel, even though the country is so small, the character of each city is very different.
  • Ask if anyone has been to Israel and if they can share some of their own memories of each city.
  • Explain that today, they are going to get a chance to become more familiar with the cities of Israel and help camp determine the coolest city in Israel.

Stage 2: The Campaign

  • Introduce the TV show Shark Tank:
    • Shark Tank is a hit ABC TV show that features a panel of five wealthy investors called "sharks" who consider offers from entrepreneurs seeking investors for their business. The entrepreneurs make pitches to the investors for their business or product to try to convince the wealthy investors to give them the funding they need to start their business idea.            
  • Explain to the campers that they are going to play Shark Tank, but instead of fighting for investment in a business or product, they are fighting for their Israeli city. The campers are going to develop a presentation for why people should visit their city.
  • Split the campers into teams and then introduce the cities. Each team should choose a place. If there's a team that would like to do a place in Israel that is not on the list, you should definitely enourage them to do so.
  • Each team should create a visual sign describing what makes their city/place unique and cool, as well as a 1-2 minute pitch or skit. All campers on the team should be involved in the creation of one of the pitches.
  • Key things to consider:
    • What makes your city most worthy of a large investment?
    • What is your city most famous for?
    • Why is your city the best in Israel?
    • Why wouldn’t Israel be the same without this city?

Stage 3: The Competition

  • Each group presents their city to the larger group. Campers vote on the city they like the best (they can't vote for their own).
  • Alternatively, you could have a panel of celebrity judges.
  • The campaigns could also be presented to the larger camp, or a portion of the camp. Posters can decorate the eating hall and campaign skits/pitches can be made after a meal.


Variations in format

  • Campers could interview other campers, counselors, or shlichim to help prepare their presentation.
  • Campers could create news programs or commercials about their city rather than short skits. 

Variations in content

  • For a version of this program using Israeli heroes, see Follow the Leader.
  • For a version of this program using Israeli chairities, see What Would Better Look Like.
  • You could also do this program for famous Israeli inventions. See www.Israel21c.org for ideas on products the campers can campaign for.

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