Human Bingo, Israel-Style

Human bingo is all the rage as a way of getting to know the people in a group. But wouldn't it be more fun to meet and get to know famous people? Use the content cards to introduce your campers and staff to the people, places, and events in Israeli history in a fun and interactive way.

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While it depends on the cards you choose, this is a content rich activity


Human bingo is a game designed to have participants learn things about the other people in the room. In this version, campers and/or staff will be given a card and take on that identity for this game. You can have them create nametags or a piece of costume first, if you have the time. There's no need to keep the identity secret.

In advance, you should prepare bingo cards with clues. Use the following website to generate randomized bingo cards, using your clues:

Depending on the number of people who are playing, you can give more than one person the same card. You can use the list we provided that includes clues that refer to every content card, or you can choose to make ones that only refer to a certain section, like people or places. Feel free to add more people, places or event "cards" than what are available. You can do this by collecting a few facts and maybe a picture, and handing them out in lieu of an actual content card.

1. Give each camper/staff an Israeli bingo card
2. Have each camper approach other campers in the room and
• Introduce themselves (even if they are an event or place) and tell the other person one fact/tip about them.
• Ask if the camper they are talking to fits the description found on one of the squares of their BINGO card. If they do, get that person to sign their name in the square with their identity.
3. Continue talking to people and asking them if they fit the descriptions on their card.
4. When someone completes the full card they shout 'bingo' and are declared the winner.

Clues are provided in the word document attached. We've also generated sample bingo charts based on all the clues (excluding the easy ones), with 14 clues listed per column (in the bingo card generator).


You can use clues that are specific to one card, or to make things easier/faster, you can use more generic clues. Suggestions for each are included.

You can use clues that are generic to people, events, and places. For instance, connected to 1948 could be a number of people and events and sites.

The important part to writing clues is to think of what you want your camper/staff to know about the information that is listed on the content card. Don't use random and obscure facts, but also don't make the clues too easy (unless you are playing this game with younger campers).

Feel free to have campers create a list of facts they've learned on the back of the bingo sheet.

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