CASINO NIGHT: Content Card Blackjack

Just like blackjack in the casino, but you learn about Israel at the same time!

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About the places, people, and innovations of Israel
Israeli money -- the shekel denominations and what they look like (who's on them? what's on them?)


Up to six players and one dealer. The dealer gives each player one card face up and the dealer then gets one card down. The players each then get another card face up, and then the dealer does also (this time face up for the dealer). There is a round where the players try to hit/stay to get as close to 36 as possible without going over. Then the dealer tries to do the same (dealer must hit on 27). ALSO each #11 card (Sharansky, Haifa, Drip Irrigation, Entebbe) can be a 1 or an 11. The betting is accomplished using shekels that are distributed at the beginning of the game and it is a minimum of 10 shekels for each hand/bet.


You could limit the cards in the deck so you could play just with the 14 lowest cards in each suit, giving you a true 21 blackjack game.

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